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Receive customized information systems and services worldwide from Infobank America, based in Plano, Texas. Locally-owned-and-operated, our company has been helping you  advance the way you work and play on the Internet since 1994. Ask us about our MIID applications today and get started with our information banking software, emailed directly to you for personal download.

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Billing period starting: 03/17/2013

Invoice Summary (1&1 Professional eShop + Unlimited Package)

Item No. Service Charges Usage Total

1 19866 Basic Fee $36.98 a month 3 mo. $ 110.94

03/17/2013-06/17/2013 s395455869.e-shop.info

Total amount due $ 110.94

The total amount due will be charged to your credit card. Thank you.


GUID Systems, Information Systems in Plano, TX

Automatic Entry Form Completion
This software allows you to fill in forms more easily. Developed to recognize the information you enter as you type it, it automatically completes your forms with the rest of the information you need to enter. Helpful for banking information and applications, this software obtains publically available information from social media Websites in order to complete your forms.

Contact us today for more information on our entry form software and GUID systems.