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Notes from PNM


NEW TASKER: 27 Sept 2014:

I have htc with htc sense mobile phone from T-Mobile:  When I share video via GMail, it sometimes defaults to keyboard open but more often than not I need to click/type into the 'To' block to open they keyboard (on the mobile phone).  WHY?  This drives me nuts.  I want it to always open to the keyboard.  Pose this to UT Business/Engineering (or other) Students for Fall 2014 tasker. 





IBOA Resource Allocation

January 2013

Unit 1: Notes from PNM page developed, pd 1/8/13

Unit 2: Table developed, pd 1/8/13

Unit 3: TBD

Unit 4: TBD

Unit 5: TBD

Unit 6: TBD

Unit 7: TBD

Unit 8: TBD

February 2013

Unit 1: TBD

Unit 2: TBD

Unit 3: TBD

Unit 4: TBD

March 2013

Unit 1: TBD

Unit 2: TBD

Unit 3: TBD

Unit 4: TBD

April 2013

Unit 1: TBD

Unit 2: TBD

Unit 3: TBD

Unit 4: TBD





Notes from DLM



IBOA Resource Requests (Taskers)

Create Display Concept and Display for the following: A prediction on the evolution of human names through the year 2050.

Study: Value of Web Domain Name by Length of Domain Name

Study: Value of Web Domain Name based on .us extension vs .com extension

Study: Maimize/Optimize iboa.us presence in domain search for e.g. iboa information banking etc.

Tasker: Fix "unknown" tag - discuss with dlm on how to fix - this is an easy one

Tasker: Fix wording on front page - easy one but need to get wording exactly right - discuss with dlm on how to fix

Tasker: Creation of IBOA Process; pnm strikes through this tasker - this is an easy one

Tasker: Creation of IBOA SOP Page

Tasker: Creation of IBOA SOP1

        - What is differencde between SOP and OP - the Standard part - each of our SOPs specifies the standard

        - SOP1 - SOPs will be documented in this SOP

        - SOP2 - IBOA Site Maintenance (weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually)

                     - Cover Page - semi-anual updates

                     - New technogies page - monthly updates

        - SOP3 - TBD

Tasker: Create Display Concept and Display for IBOA View Instructional Videos and Cygwin Download Access Point

              - Enhance the versions of IBOA View for processing via cut/paste

              - Cygwin is key but also native linux/unix/bash shell environment - two paradigms - two sets of commands

Tasker: TBD

Tasker: Create and Post Video Illustrating "How to add a column to an MS Excel Spreadhseet" including manual clearing of cells as

well as "and better yet"  click on column and clear cells as last step of procedure.

Tasker: Develop Concept for Display Chain of How To Videos and Alternate Solution Chain Display Concept

Tasker: Receive Audio Input to Telephone Number on IBOA Web Site, Process that Audio into Text for

real-time on-line automatic text display of audio received on IBOA telephone number on this site.

Tasker: Capture phone input content, convert to text, display content and automatic update into IBOA database all in real-time manner


 Tasker: Calculate size of DB for every person on earth per second PLI stamp for 10000 years.  Develop DB plan to support.

Tasker: Develop prototype web page with highlighted cells red, yellow, green based on expected/last access based on individual profile, group profile, world profile and attributes age, sex, religion, ethnicity, address, and more.  Develop common display page, individual page, group display-only page.

Tasker: Resize image on all web pages - call WebDesign folks and ask them how to do it.  Or replace it with one we edit/crop ourselves.



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